Visiting Preacher

Luke 5:17-32 Living a Life of Wonder – Peter Steicke

The Kingdom of God (continued)

Philippians 3:3-11 No confidence in our own efforts

Daniel 4 Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near

Daniel 2 The Kingdom of Heaven (poor audio – sorry!)

Romans 12 IN the world, but not OF the world – John Walker

Eze. 34, Jn 10, Rev 7:17 The Lamb will be their shepherd

Ezekiel 34 & John 10 God rules through Jesus the Good Shepherd

Ezekiel 34 God IS our Shepherd

King David – Seeking God’s heart – Irma Rodda

King David – Melinda Cousins

2 Sam 12:1-13 Faithful obedient courageous Nathan – Sophie Piron

1 Sam 8, 2 Sam 5:17-25 Who you gonna choose?


Acts 1&2 Filled with power to be His witnesses

The Kingdom of God

Exodus 14-15 Our King fights for His people

Gen 1 God IS King

Psalm 2 – The King of The Kingdom

Easter 2023 – King Jesus, The Son of Man

Acts 6-7 Jesus rules life AND death

Acts  2 – 4 The NAME of Jesus

Acts 3 & 4 Jesus IS (still) Lord of All

Easter Day – Mt 28 Jesus IS King

Good Friday – Mt 26:59-66 Can we trust that Jesus is the ‘Son of Man’?

Palm Sunday Mt 21:1-17 King Jesus, Son of David

Why come to Church?

Church is family so bless each other – Irma Rodda

Ephesians – Christ is Head of the Church, His Body

John 17 Jesus prayed for unity

Rev. 21:1-3 The Beauty of the Bride

Phil 1:3-6 Partnership in the gospel – Steve Woods, Baptist World Aid

Mk 10:17-31 Why join Church to serve?

1 Cor 12:7 Church roles; AGM – Adoring, Growing, Ministering

Starting well in 2023

Jer. 9:23-24 Boast of knowing God

Mt 16:13-16 “Who do you say I am?” – Chris Battistuzzi (Scripture Union)

Micah 6:8 Walk humbly with your God

Micah 6:8 God requires us to love ‘hesed’

Micah 6 What does the Lord require of you? Act justly

New Years Day – Jwee Tai Teo

Christmas 2022

Mt 1 Joseph and courageous obedience – Steph Tai

Luke 1 Elizabeth, filled with the Spirit

Luke 1:26-38 I am the Lord’s Servant

Luke 1:1-25 God draws near

Luke 14:15-24

Great Banquet, Taking your place and extending embrace – Andrew Turner

Romans 12-16; Living in love and unity

Rom. 15:14-33 Paul’s raison d’etre

Rom 14:1-15:13 Accept one another

Romans 12; How should we live?

Ecclesiastes; Without God, Life is Meaningless

Ecc. 12:9-14 Conclusion – Fear God and Obey Him

Ecc. 11:7-12:8 Enjoy life and remember your Creator

Ecc, 7 True Wisdom – Michael Waskiel

Ecc. 4v7-16 Working Together (not recorded)

Plan A; Matthew 28:16-20

Plan A – 5 Teamwork – M. Krause (18/9/22)

Mt. 28:20 Plan A – 4 Showing Up

Mt 28:16-20 Plan A – 2 Go and Know

Mt. 28:16-20; 4:18-22 Plan A – 1 Growing as a disciple

Ecclesiastes; Without God, Life is Meaningless

Ecc. 3:16-22 Who knows AND Intro to Plan A

Ecc. 3:1-15 It’s time…to revere God! (7/8/22)

Ecc 2v17-26 Enrichment can leave you empty

Ecc. 2:1-11 Entertainment is not enough

Ecc. 1:12-18; 2:12-17 Enlightenment is not enough

Ecc. 1:1-11 Life is ‘hebel’ – meaningless – without God

United around the gospel – Bryce Wiegandt

Gal. 2:1-10 United around the gospel – Bryce Wiegandt (17/7/22)

A sending Church

Acts 13v1-4 A sending Church

Matt & Bek

Rom 12:1-2 & Eph 2:8-10 Matt & Bek

Covid Bonus; John Walker

Eph 4:1 Live a life worthy of your calling – John Walker

Philippians – Living in the light of Easter

Phil 3:17ff I want to be like Paul

Phil 3:1-11 Knowing Christ as Lord is Better than Everything Else! – Mike Waskiel (not recorded but contact Darren if you want more info)

Philippians 2 A gospel shaped mindset – Mike Waskiel

Phil 1v12-30 Live to Advance the Gospel – Mike Waskiel


WCUC Anniversary – ‘Back to WCUC’ – Bob & Geoff

Elcho Island Revival – Paul Huddleston (29/8/21)