About Us

Who are we?

West Croydon United Church (WCUC) was formed in 1996 by the merging of the West Croydon Uniting and Baptist Churches. A key goal for the United Church from its inception was to seek God’s leading to establish new ways of serving the people of the north-western Adelaide region. God has gently, but dramatically transformed WCUC and it is now a multi-generational, multi-ethnic gathering, from a wide range of backgrounds.

We meet together at our Sunday, 10am Worship service. This service involves a mixture of contemporary and traditional music, open group prayer, preaching, children specific programs and monthly communion.

Outside of the main service there are a variety of small groups where we meet to pray, to study the Bible, or just to enjoy time with each other. Check out the “What’s on?” tab for more information.


 Our beliefs

Some people are surprised that we have combined Baptist and Uniting Church congregations. This means that some of us hold to slightly different doctrines, but we are United in our belief that Jesus Christ is Lord and we as a gathering of God’s people, seek to honour Him together!

In broad terms we hold to evangelical reformed beliefs while each member will affirm their denominational statements of faith:

  • Baptist Foundational Values can be seen here
  • Uniting Church beliefs are summarised here.


Our pastor, Darren Loechel

“My wife Sharon and I were worried about the noise of our two toddlers when they we first visited WCUC in 2000, but were warmly welcomed from the very first day. The love of this congregation was demonstrated in many ways and we grew in faith through the ministry of the small groups. Since then, we had another two children, and I was challenged by different pastors of the congregation to consider studying at Bible College. So after working as an engineer for eighteen years, I left to study at the Bible College of South Australia and graduated just in time to start as pastor at WCUC mid-2014.”

Darren is passionate about:

  • Getting to know God better through Scripture, and sharing the gospel of Christ and reality of the Holy Spirit’s presence through preaching, small group studies, and one-on-one.
  • Prayer; corporately, in small groups, and personally.
  • Evangelism as a key component of a church’s life.
  • Worship of God with every breath, especially in song and music in our church.
  • Our congregation, made up of people crossing denominational and cultural barriers, anticipating the time when we see people of every nation (Rev. 7:9) worshiping God together.