Peter was one of Jesus’ closest friends. He is famous for trusting Jesus well enough to get out of his boat and walk across the water toward him, and just as famous for getting a bath when he looked away! Peter was the first of the apostles to recognise that Jesus is the king that God had always planned to send. Yet when Jesus was arrested, he denied three times even knowing his king.

Jesus rose from the dead, had breakfast with Peter and three times told him to care for Jesus’ followers. One of the ways Peter did this was to write a letter to a group of churches which were suffering in different ways. He reminded them of what God has done, and showed how God’s work defines¬†the identity of God’s people which in turn defines their approach to life.

What does this message have to say to us now? Please join us as we read the book of 1 Peter and look at how God’s action shapes our identity which¬†must profoundly affect both what we do and how we handle the suffering that does come to all of us at different times.